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I’ve got that summer feeling today -it’s a scorcher in Melbourne today and I’m pretty excited that it finally feels like summer… Wait, I’ve probably said that before, but…

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Whilst we were shooting, some cute little monkeys decided to come up right next to my head and pick through the locals offerings baskets for some food. Then they started playing around. It was such a cool moment to watch, especially since John had never seen monkeys in the wild before.

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In celebration of my 23rd birthday yesterday I thought I’d have a little fun with you guys and tell you 23 things you don’t know about me, some things might surprise you, some may make you giggle!

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If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know too well that I’m a sucker for classics, recently getting into the white mens shirt (a look I’ve never been able to pull off without looking office-y previously) but now…

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Tropical vibes here at illias HQ today, we’re all about this JETS swimwear bikini, not only does it have a gorgeous print but the quality and fit is amazing. Now all we need is the warmer weather to hit and we’re good to go!

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Date night is one of my favourite excuses to dress up and feel pretty after a week of work in boyfriend jeans and flats (it’s my uniform), working from home means heels are generally out (unless I have meetings) so I’ll take any excuse to bring them out on weekends.

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