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Culottes were a trend I’ve been dreaming of but had them filed in my ‘make my booty and hips look even bigger’ file, thankfully I bit the bullet and got these boohoo ones, which with the addition of a crop actually turned out looking quite flattering.

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The sunny spring weather was in full swing on the weekend, but as usual I always had a jacket/coat on (or sometimes I carry it if it’s warm enough) for the unpredictable Victoria/Melbourne weather.

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I go weak at the knees when it comes to anything backless/low back, It’s my personal belief that showing back is sexier then showing boobs or booty (you might already know this from my instagram).

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Oh, Boy!

In the hopes of clearing up what men really want us to wear, I’ve asked John to compile a list of his favourite and least favourite things women wear,he was kind enough to add in some words of wisdom at the end (I didn’t ask for those..)

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Now I’m back in Melbourne I’m definitely feeling the cold (brrrrrr). I was only moments ago saying how beautiful it was to have the sun beaming into my window, next minute I’m listening to the hail fall on the roof… I’m definitely not in Bali anymore, it’s time to put the coat back on!

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